Test Solutions


We retain a leading test solutions capability providing support to product development and manufacture, and test and support technology solutions at platform, system or sub-system level.  With over 40 years of experience specialising in the development and delivery of test systems, our experts deliver global civil and military support capability solutions.



Production test capability

Our products are extensively tested and validated during the design, development, manufacture and support phases to meet relevant standards.  These facilities include:



  • Optical inspection, optical, RF, LF testing
  • Functional test and environmental stress screening (ESS)
  • Environmental design verification testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC), boundary scan
  • Small to large scale antenna characterisation and test
  • Radar cross section testing
  • Failure analysis and material science support.


Commercial test capability

Our environmental test lab service is a UKAS accredited test house (Test House Number 0461) offering environmental and EMC testing to a very wide range of National and International standards whilst satisfying the UKAS accreditation regulations.  Our environmental testing services offer world-class facilities, solutions and experienced personnel delivering environmental testing to all engineering sectors and are available for commercial use.



Environmental Test Lab Services



Our Generic Test Solutions are deployed to Customer locations to reduce no fault found at platform level, to certify repaired items prior to return to service, or validate items from storage prior to operational use.
Where test infrastructure exists, we can enhance this capability using our software architecture and development environment to test new candidate Avionics.
Where new test hardware is required, we confirm requirements and utilise a modular hardware architecture and our test programme development environment to deliver state- of-the-art test solutions.  These enable efficient long term supportability including systems for: 
  • Fixed and rotary wing Avionics, land and maritime-borne systems
  • Missile systems
  • Underwater systems
  • Complex Avionics including communications, RADAR, EW and EO equipment
  • Digital, analogue, DC to light.
We provide the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul - Avionics Centre of Excellence (MRO-ACE) as an integrated solution that supports our products and third party equipment as an indigenous capability.  These can be country independent, or form part of a global support network. 
The key building blocks combine to underpin the logistic support chain for its military aircraft at lowest cost and meeting National requirements. It brings together: 
  • Generic test equipment hardware applicable to different Avionic technology types.
  • The development environment to produce test programme set software and hardware based on proven methodologies.
  • Knowledge transfer by technical training to provide the necessary skills to employees.
  • Extension to new and existing infrastructure to new levels of support. 
Comprising an indigenous modern facility, the capability developed in-country can be grown incrementally, increasing in scope as experience is gained and benefits accrue.