Security & Information Systems

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The Security & Information Systems Division is a world leader in safety-through-technology, providing tailored solutions for customers in public administration, public safety and security, critical infrastructure, services, transport, large companies, post and logistics.

With experience in information technology, communications, automation and physical and digital security, the Division generates synergies by joining its expertise, processes and technology across these areas. Competitive solutions and services, including integrated systems, are available to support territory security and control, for public and private critical infrastructure protection and for the security of major events. The offer also includes integrated networks and secure communications that enable reliable and efficient information management. These are ideally suited for public safety and security organisations, emergency services, civil protection agencies and transport infrastructures.

Finally, with a significant track-record in providing advanced systems and control centres for the management and control of air and maritime traffic, the Division is a leader in the field.

From 1 January 2016, the Security & Information Systems Division has absorbed part of the activities of Selex ES.


Security solutions offered by the Division can include secure communications systems based on the TETRA standard, as used by more than 50 countries, and integrated software platforms that form the basis of control rooms used by security forces during operations. The Division also offers turn-key solutions for the integrated control and safety management of critical infrastructure such as industrial facilities, power, water and gas distribution networks.

The Division also offers effective protection for territories and urban areas, for transport and for major events. The 2015 Milan Expo is the most recent example of these skills being put to use; as well as secure communications systems based on the TETRA standard, the division provided the Expo with innovative video surveillance and video analysis systems and the "Safe City & Main Operation Centre", a central control room where the security of the event was managed.


For ICT networks, the Security & Information Systems Division guarantees its customers performance, continuity, and information superiority, as well as protecting its infrastructure and applications through targeted solutions.

The Division also develops digital solutions that are safe by identifying, reducing and managing cyber threats, vulnerabilities and risks. Through this work, the Division is able to provide innovative solutions to counter the increasingly pervasive and structured cyber threats to a civil or military organisation’s technological, information and intellectual assets.

Among the Division’s most significant achievements in the area of cybersecurity is the provision of a turn-key system for the development, implementation and support of the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC). NCIRC provides services to more than 70,000 NATO users in 29 countries.

Customers can also benefit from the Division’s sophisticated intelligence solutions, which take open source data and information from a range of diverse sources to support the needs of law enforcement and investigation agencies. Innovative digital platforms can also promote accessibility and inclusion, for example in the management of public transport networks. By integrating IT, telecommunications, multimedia and automated fare collection, these networks become intelligent systems, improving passenger management and service delivery.


The Security & Information Systems Division supports fast, efficient and safe air and sea traffic, ensuring the safety of those who travel. The latest technology can aid in the effective exchange of information between operators and help control the movement of people and goods across borders. Over 150 countries use radar systems and control centres developed and provided by the Division to manage air traffic.

These systems improve safety and efficiency at each stage of transit as well as during landing approaches and terminal manoeuvring. In this market, the Division’s portfolio includes primary and secondary surveillance radar, ADS-B stations and a wide range of airport information systems and services.

The Division also provides the Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS), for vessel traffic management and control, marine environment monitoring and support for search and rescue operations at sea. Thousands of kilometres of coastline in Italy, Poland, Turkey and Yemen are under VTMIS control 24 hours a day.

The Division’s technology and experience in air and maritime traffic management is also highly transferrable to border protection, generating benefits from the synergies between existing platforms for territorial and civil protection and those used by intelligence and investigation agencies.


The Security & Information Systems Division also provides integrated sorting, handling and tracking systems for letters, parcels and baggage. These are based on advanced, proprietary technologies which have been proven in projects for leading operators worldwide. Some significant examples are the Russian Federation, for which the Division is the provider of choice of postal logistics hubs, and DHL, for which it provided the largest logistics hub in southern Europe, featuring more than 700 m of sorters and 2 km of conveyors.

The Division designs and manufactures baggage handling systems based on innovative cross-belt technology which guarantees the safe handling of up to 10,000 bags per hour. The NET6000 baggage handling system created for Rome’s Fiumicino airport has reduced lost luggage by over 40%.