SW-4 ‘Solo'

SW-4 ‘Solo'

The SW-4 ‘Solo’ RUAV is based on the proven SW-4 light single engine helicopter. It is designed for both piloted and unmanned operations, for maximum operational flexibility.

The RUAV version of the SW-4 is capable of performing a number of roles, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and cargo re-supply. When piloted, the SW-4 ‘Solo’ can undertake manned activities including transportation of personnel, surveillance and intervention.

The SW-4 is EASA certified and ensures safe operations when operating in the manned and unmanned modes.

Civil/Government Applications are:  
Environmental, Law Enforcement / Police, National Security, Disaster Relief – SAR Support and Damage Assesment, Critical Infrastructure Monitoring, Agroforestal Applications, Resource Exploitation, Sanitarian and Historical Heritage

Military Applications are:
Battlefield, Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting and Reconnaissance, Convoy escort, Cargo Re-Supply and Combat

Maritime Applications are: Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting and Reconnaissance, Beyond Line of Sight Comms Relay, Mine Countermeasures, Anti-Surface Warfare Support, Anti-Submarine Warfare Support, Cargo Re-Supply and Combat.


 SW - 4 'solo'