Unmanned Aerial Systems

Leonardo Helicopter Division is heavily investing in the development of Rotary Wing Unmanned Air Vehicles (RUAV) and Optionally Piloted Helicopters (OPH), which provide a great level of operational flexibility in terms of flight operations and operational capabilities.

The list of RUAV/OPH initiatives within AgustaWestland product’s strategy, leveraging its solid and well-established know-how and experience, spans so far from a light 205 kg RUAV to the 1,800 kg Solo model:

- Medium Size OPH (Optionally Piloted Helicopter SW-4 ‘Solo’)

- Light RUAV of 205 kg / 180 kg named AWHERO


SW-4 ‘Solo'

SW-4 ‘Solo'

The SW-4 ‘Solo' RUAV is based on the proven SW-4 light single engine helicopter. It is designed for both piloted and unmanned operations, for maximum operational flexibility.




The AWHERO is a state-of-the-art Short Range Tactical Rotary Unmanned Air Vehicle (RUAV), that incorporates the Leonardo Helicopter Division experience in the helicopter design and productions.