Mid-Life Product Upgrade Programmes

Improving the capability of Leonardo Helicopters' Customer fleet


Leonardo Helicopters maintains and improves the overall competitiveness of its operators through Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) solutions. Within Leonardo Helicopters a dedicated organisation has been established to maintain and reinforce the capabilities of Leonardo Helicopters’ Customer fleet operating worldwide, providing them with ‘Multiple Customers Common Configuration’ MLU solutions.




The MLU programmes aim to be the most effective solution for capability extension and upgrades of the in-service fleet; they ensure continued airworthiness and provide increased capacity. They improve the helicopter's reliability and availability through the introduction of the latest generation technology along with continuous maintenance improvements.


The programmes grant increased reductions in cost, solve obsolescence issues and allow streamlining of the supply chain. Thanks to the development of common support services and approaches and the integration of product improvements they enhance additional capabilities and future growth potential.



The MLU activities focus on both civil and military fleets and provide a complete upgrade package that spans the definition of the configuration and the incorporation of specific customer requirements to the agreement of the contract and, eventually, to the embodiment on the helicopter.



Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade

Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade

The CH-149 Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade (CMLU) and 519 Conversion Program is a proposal by ‘Team Cormorant' to upgrade and expand the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAFs) Rotary Wing Search and Rescue (RWSAR)...


Lynx Mid-Life Upgrade

Lynx Mid-Life Upgrade

The Lynx family of Helicopters has been in service with the UK MoD and International Operators for over 40 years and its reputation of best in class small ships helicopter is world renowned. As part of...