Strategic C4I


During the last decades we have been selected to lead a number of strategic initiatives which contributed to the definition of current standards for the Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC). Our approach for NEC is based on the optimization of either legacy command and control systems or the introduction of innovative assets through design and development of new integrated solutions. As a result, we may provide to military services and organizations the creation of a single Command & Control infrastructure and the exchange of secure and reliable information through standard protocols and data exchange formats.
We are positioned to collaborate across a wide range of partner organizations. Our strong track record – encompassing collaborations with many Armed Forces and NATO – is testament to our ability to seed and nurture innovation within a collaborative environment. 


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C4I Systems

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System / Products

We developed a complete family of C4I solutions for the modern digital battlefield. Our offer for strategic C4I systems provide management and support of operations across a wide range of functions; they create, disseminate and display the joint and multinational common operational picture, and they manage the stream of orders and information between high level Headquarters and all the Command Posts deployed on the battlefield.
Dedicated configurations of our strategic C4I solution have been implemented for Joint, National & Regional applications, as well as for supporting multinational activities and coalition operations.


Among our key references we have:

  • the European Union Command and Control and Information System (EUCC-IS), where Leonardo, as prime contractor and design authority, provided complete C4I infrastructure which today enhances the European Union's ability to plan, deploy and execute military as well as civilian operations under EU-led undertakings;
  • the Joint C4I System of the Italian Ministry of Defense (C2I Advanced), which provides top-level operational and strategic command and control capabilities to the Italian Joint Operational Command Centre.

The Company is also supporting the Italian MoD for the development of the MAJIIC program (Multi-Sensor Aerospace-Ground Joint Interoperable ISR Coalition). MAJIIC is an international multilateral cooperation program issued by a number of Ministries of Defence aimed at definition of a common architecture allowing the development of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.