Air Defence Systems


Leonardo through is Land &Naval Defence Electronics Division is a global player in the provision of advanced air defence capabilities designing and delivering highly effective turnkey and stand-alone solutions to meet challenging defence requirements.
Land &Naval Defence Electronics Division solutions for Air Defence provide advanced surveillance and protection capabilities against air and missile threats, including ballistic missiles, for both homeland security and expeditionary environments. Our turn-key solutions may also protect blue forces and strategic assets at major events, or safeguarding critical network infrastructures as well as Naval forces fleets.
Leonardo Air Defence Systems leverage a number of in-house produced key sub-systems and components, including radars, command and control facilities, communications networks, and electronic warfare suites as well as the superior capability to integrate existing assets.



The most advanced Command &Control C2I fixed or deployable, permit immediate planning, tasking and execution of the missions based on real time information of the existing scenario. Low, medium and high coverage of the surrounding air space together with early warning and very short reaction time response are ensured by the presence of our long-medium range and battlefield surveillance sensors. With our family of solid state phased array 3D surveillance radars RAT 31 DL (for fixed defence) and RAT 31DL/M (for deployable tactical long-range operations) we became leading manufacturer of the most advanced solutions for NATO long range early warning and surveillance. Designed to support all modern defence doctrines, our family of KRONOS Multifunctional Active Electronic Scanning Antenna (M-AESA) radars, provides superior capabilities to counter low radar cross-section, high speed and high maneuvering threats, even when flying at low altitudes and in severe EW and clutter environments. Available in both fixed and mobile configurations, KRONOS radars can be delivered as part of a complete Air Defence system, or as stand-alone sensors to support air, naval and coastal defence operations.



Over 25 Air Defence centres delivered worldwide (ADOC and SADOC).
More than 20 Air Defense Networks and 5 National Air Defence Systems.
Major supplier of  NATO Class 1 Long Range radars with more than 80 RAT 31 radar systems delivered worldwide.
NATO Provider for Anti Ballistic Missile Defence capability through radar facilities and a simulation center Integration.
More than 25 KRONOS® Radars are currently in service/delivery/production worldwide (e.g. North Africa, Middle East, Far East, South America) with the ultimate success of Low Level Radar Systems for Qatar.


Land and Naval Radars

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Integrated Air and Missile Defence

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