Simulation & Training

Simulation & training

The continuing improvement of technologies has led the market towards increasingly complex architectures. The design, production, testing, handling and commercialisation of such  complex architectures has to be supported by adequate and dedicated tools.

Modelling and Simulation is becoming more strategically important in such contexts where, in trying to cope with new challenges, it is necessary to tie together different systems and multi-domain capabilities. 

M&S technologies and solutions today apply throughout the entire life cycle of products, from the definition of requirements to product design, from virtual prototyping - so as to avoid the need of creating expensive and hard-to-adjust physical models - to pre-deployment and training.

Leonardo’s Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division has a long history of M&S solutions starting from SIAC (Shore Integration and Acceptance Centres) to ITB (Integrated Test Bed) where real systems and simulated ones work seamlessly allowing for integration, validation and acceptance of complex systems, training, interoperability tests and joint exercises.

Modelling and Simulation technologies enable Leonardo’s Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division to be a recognised leader in the supply of military training solutions. 

Building on the training expertise of military systems, the Division is committed to developing and expanding its portfolio to meet both the present and future training needs of customers; the Training portfolio includes both services and products. 

Starting from training needs analysis, the Training Solution portfolio spreads over a full range of training solutions covering the entire product life cycle from basic training, to individual and collective training services, up to training turnkey solutions. 

The training path is designed as an instrument to ensure the systems operational effectiveness and is part of a fully integrated long-term solution for operational and logistic support. Linking the logistic support and the training management system to the mission and its planning systems, our support systems offer a complete and operative integrated environment to share the critical data to improve the logistic support and the operational effectiveness.

The training courseware incorporates different types of technologies (VR/AR) and multimedia systems (CBT) in a flexible way to enhance learning with the support of dedicated facilities such as virtual environment, multimedia classroom and simulators.


Netcomm Simulation Environment

Netcomm Simulation Environment

NCSE is the Leonardo Modeling and Simulation environment based on the OPNET® suit. Simulation of any operational network asset-Analysis-Utilization of "State of the art" Communication and Networking technology-Realizing the "System-in-the-Loop" (SITL) capability.