Radar Systems

Leonardo has embraced a high-level strategy for ensuring continued advancement in our core technology areas. In-house laboratories devoted to specific areas of applied research, promotes the effective integration of new, innovative components within our existing radar portfolio and the new developments. A key element of this strategy  is the design of the most advanced fully AESA Kronos family radar, fixed faces, staring and rotating – X, C and L band, based on the totally-owned GaAs and GaN technologies. The radar portfolio includes the RAT 31 family long-range radar, fixed and deployable, for Early Warning Surveillance as well as Fire Control Radar (NA30S family and Falco Plus) for gunnery control and missile battery guidance. Passive surveillance (AULOS), Precison  Approch Radar (PAR) and IFF for Naval and Land application together with 2D surveillance radar for Coastal and Navigation applications complete the Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division’s wide range of radar sensors.