Logistic Support & Service

Leonardo considers the ability to provide comprehensive and effective support to its customers, wherever they are in the world,  critical and recognises that its products are high-value customer assets. 

The Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division is always focused on customer needs in order to identify the best support solutions in terms of cost-effectiveness. By partnering with its customers, the Division delivers reliable and tailored solutions to meet customer technical and budget requirements. To guarantee this point, a dedicated business unit has been created, “Support & Service Solutions”, with more than 300 people and a wide network of value-added partners. This customer-focused organisation provides world-class global support services using technical expertise delivered within a service culture and the commitment to developing valued long-term relationships with customers. 

The Division, focused on new technologies and tools to widen its capabilities, provides the answers required by its customers in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in product lifetime support.

In order to maximise performance in service delivery, the Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division has a dedicated Customer Support Service Desk (CSSD), a multi-channel (telephone, fax, e-mail, web portal) service management platform designed to establish a reliable, unbiased and effective link among customers, end users and the support services provider.

To guarantee total customer satisfaction, Support & Services are carefully engineered to ensure a high level of systems operational performance; the service catalogue ranges from traditional Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul services up to more complex Support Solutions related to Integrated Logistic Support and Mission Planning for its own sand third party systems. 

The support solutions, optimised in terms of cost and effectiveness, take into account customer supportability requirements and the benefits of Logistic Support engineers’ concurrent work during system design.


Land & Naval Support Solutions
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