Land & Naval Defence Electronics


The Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division offers all the necessary expertise to guarantee land and naval Armed Forces with a qualified and fast information superiority, situational awareness, command and control capability, weapon systems management and network communications.

The Division boasts more than 50 years of experience in systems integration, digital architectures, combat management systems and sensors, and communications. These capabilities allow the design and manufacturing of flexible, modular and scalable systems that meet any operational requirement on board vessels and vehicles and in the sector of land and coastal surveillance fixed systems.

In addition, the Division’s great experience in electro-optical fire control systems and infrared search and track (IRST) allows to meet the needs of surveillance for high precision and electromagnetic silencing, targets tracking and weapon management.

The offer is complemented by integrated logistics support solutions that provide full training, including simulation of operating environment functions and after sales support service, aimed at ensuring a long life cycle for the products and maximisation of customer investment.

From 1 January 2016, the Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division has absorbed part of the activities of Selex ES.


The Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division designs, develops and manufactures land air defence systems based on sensors and command and control systems. From the RAT 31 early warning and TBM defence radar family to the technological evolution of KRONOS multifunctional electronically scanned array systems, the Division manufactures advanced surveillance and protection systems from air and missile threats (including ballistic missiles) for domestic and foreign customers.

In addition, the Division provides the complete capability to control the battlefield by sharing tactical and operational scenarios, managing the systems deployed in the field and guaranteeing the interoperability through the C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence) national strategic commands. The key example of this capability in the land sector is represented by the Forza NEC programme, for which the Division has the role of prime contractor, systems integrator and systems authority for architectural requirements. The programme consists of the digitisation of the Italian armed forces through the development of an innovative solution that promotes the full integration of the different platforms of the Army Brigades, including those already operating (legacy), into a single C4I architecture.

The Division has also more than a 20-year experience in the provision of electro-optical systems for fixed and mobile applications especially for the upgrade of combat systems boarded onto land tracked and wheeled vehicles for domestic and international customers. In the last years, the Division has also developed important capabilities in the field of surveillance, pointing, command, control, communication systems for the individual equipment of modern armies’ soldiers, starting from the Italian Army.


In the naval sector, the Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division has a 50-year of leadership proven by Combat Systems and sensors installed in more than 100 naval units for different customers worldwide. A leader in the design of integrated naval combat systems, the Division offers solutions that meet all the requirements to comply with an evolving mission scenario for any type of ship, of any class and tonnage, from small patrol boats to minesweepers and large aircraft carriers.

The naval offer easily adapts to different demands due to the wide range of products and expertise, which extend from the ability to manufacture and integrate naval communications, navigation systems, radar sensors, fire control systems and electro-optronics as well as integrate UAVs, different calibre gunners, missiles, torpedoes, sonar and electronic warfare suites.Thanks to its consolidated experience in the design, development and implementation of command, control, communication and information systems, the Division offers advanced management systems for naval combat (ATHENA), which can ensure the best data acquisition, merging and management capability for an effective evaluation of operational scenarios and management of available resources, thus ensuring rapid and effective decision-making.


The Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division is also involved in the renewal of the Italian Navy fleet. The programme includes the development of innovative systems and sensors, from an advanced open architecture combat management system to the innovative dual-band radars and last generation integrated communications systems. The new systems include the advanced multi-sensor fire control radar, a new multifunctional Active Electronically Scanned Array, four-faces, dual band (C and X band) radar (DBR), sensors such as the new generation IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) with a compliant circular antenna and the innovative passive IRST (Infrared Search and Track), an infrared sensor for targets search and track, based on multiple non-rotating optical heads, distributed on all of the four sides of the ship for a seamless 360 degree vision.

The integrated communication system also includes the new Software Defined Radio (SDR), in addition to multi-band satellite systems. The programme also comprises the realisation of an innovative system known as Cockpit together with Fincantieri. For the first time ever the new Cockpit will allow an integrated management of both ship navigation and combat system operations, with a reduced number of operators thanks to the use of new augmented reality technologies.