Leonardo offers a wide range of integrated defence and security solutions at the service of   Governments, Institutions and citizens for the various operational scenarios: aerial, terrestrial, naval, maritime and cybernetic. Leonardo’s unique offer is based on highly flexible turnkey solutions that can meet even the most complex requirements, while handling all management phases of critical events and scenarios.



Leonardo is a global player in the design, development and marketing of fixed and rotary wing, manned and unmanned proprietary aerial platforms that Leonardo can configure for a variety of uses, thanks to its mission systems, sensors, weapon systems, fire control systems and other avionics equipment. Furthermore, Leonardo plays an important role in supplying nacelles and aerostructures in metal and carbon fibre. A wide range of products meeting the increasingly complex demands of military and commercial markets.




Leonardo is the only European company that can offer unmanned systems with proven integration capability: from platforms to mission systems (e.g. ISTAR), from various types of payload sensors to ground control stations (GCS), from connectivity and data link to training services. An offer that guarantees ample operational flexibility for any type of mission (defence, security, reconnaissance) and includes mini/micro UAVs, tactical and MALE UAVs, ground vehicles and vehicles for naval and underwater use.




Leonardo is a leading provider of complex command and control and air defence systems, as well as integrated soldier and vehicle technology solutions. A broad portfolio that includes C2/C4 systems, radars and optronic systems, communication networks and terminals, countermeasures for remotely triggered explosive devices, small, medium and large calibre turrets with conventional or guided munitions and weapon systems.




Leonardo is at the forefront in the integration and delivery of modular command and control systems, electronic scanning radars (AESA), infrared search and tracking (IRST) and pointing systems, small, medium and large calibre naval guns with conventional or guided munitions, weapon systems, heavy and light torpedoes, underwater countermeasures and inboard propulsion and auxiliary systems. Leonardo’s offer satisfies the operational needs of the various vessel types and related missions. The company’s product range also includes maritime and coastal radar surveillance systems, electro-optical viewers, UAVs, satellites, passive radars, communications and command and control centres.




Leonardo designs and provides security solutions for the surveillance and protection of land, urban centres, critical national infrastructures, sensitive areas (airports, ports and stadiums) and the management of major events, crises and emergencies. Leonardo’s offer, based on modular and scalable solutions with proven integration capabilities, also includes systems for environmental remote sensing and monitoring, public transport fleet management systems, urban traffic control rooms and professional and communications networks.




Leonardo offers a wide range of cyber solutions and services for defence, governmental entities and the private sector; from consulting to integrated solutions and services to satisfy network protection and data security requirements, which also include encryption products. In addition, Leonardo offers outsourced data/network cyber protection services for third parties, provided by the company’s operational centres (SOC) in Italy and the United Kingdom.