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Leonardo’s Aerostructures Division is a partner of major civil aircraft programmes in Europe and in North America. From the Boeing 787 made from composite materials,  to the Airbus A380, and finally regional turboprop ATR, a world leader in its sector, the Division brings the ability to design, build, test and integrate structures and components to support any programme. 

The processing of large structural components in composite materials, represent a particular advanced capability of the Division.

From 1 January 1 2016,  the Aerostructures Division has absorbed part of the activities of Alenia Aermacchi.


The collaboration with the US aviation industry for the production of aerostructures dates back more than 50 years. Currently, the most important programme is the twin-engine Boeing 787 and in which the Division contributes a significant part of the design and technology, which total 14% of the aircraft’s structure. In particular, the Division builds the sections 44 and 46 of the fuselage, and the horizontal stabilizer, made entirely from advanced composite materials. 

Other programmes in collaboration with Boeing include the manufacture of both the 767 rudder and radome and the outside flaps of the 777, all entirely produced in composite materials.


Within the collaboration with Airbus Group, spanning more than 30 years, one of the most important programmes is the A380, where our Company has played an important role since the programme began in 2001, producing a significant part of the middle section of the fuselage.

The Division has also designed and builds the wing stringers of the A320 and the A321 fuselage front section.


The ATR family (developed by a joint partnership with Airbus Group) is the most successful in the global market for regional twin-engine turboprop aircraft. The aircraft is now available in the 50-seat version (ATR 42) and 68/78-seat version (ATR 72). For both the versions,  all the fuselages, complete with devices and systems, are built by the Division at its site in Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples). The tail surfaces, made entirely of composite material, are made in the Division’s site in Foggia. The fuselage’s main structural components are made at the Nola site (Naples).