Leonardo to exhibit at PMR Expo following a string of Professional Mobile Radio successes in 2016

Leonardo will be exhibiting its multi-technology, full-IP Professional Mobile Radio solution at Germany's PMR Expo in Cologne

Rome  22 November 2016 18:20

  • The company will be exhibiting its latest full-IP (Internet Protocol), multi-technology solutions at Germany’s PMR Expo in Cologne, November 22-24
  • New projects in 2016 include those in Italy, Poland and the United States
  • Leonardo’s PMR technology in Massachusetts is the first to support simulcast transmission over multiple sites


Leonardo-Finmeccanica will be exhibiting its multi-technology, full-IP (Internet Protocol) Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) solution at Germany’s PMR Expo in Cologne from November 22-24. The solution being presented at the show will feature LTE, TETRA, DMR Tier III, DMR Tier II, P25 phase 1 and Analog FM together with open standard Voice Dispatch, AVL, mobile App, telephony and WiFi.


2016 has been a successful year for Leonardo’s PMR technology, with major public utilities and local authorities in the North American and EMEA regions choosing Leonardo throughout the year. In the US, the company has installed its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier III radio network and integrated it with Zetron’s MAX Dispatch system for a number of locations managed by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCAA). The MCAA project, in which Leonardo partnered with Applied Communications Services, is the industry’s first installation of a DMR Tier III system that supports simulcast transmission over multiple sites.


Leonardo has also been chosen by a major company to upgrade its radio communication system to the latest digital technology, boosting the effectiveness of fire and rescue teams, engineering, medical corps and security guards. Delivered in conjunction with Leonardo’s Swiss partner STRAPAG, the system seamlessly integrates legacy analogue FM systems into a new DMR Tier II simulcast environment, while providing a clear upgrade path to DMR Tier III.


In Poland, Leonardo and its local partner Xentia were selected by MPWIK Warsaw Waterways to provide a composite DMR Tier III and Tier II simulcast system, while in Leonardo’s domestic Italian market, the company will upgrade radio communications in the Campania region. The Campania project features an IP-based backbone with new IP-based DMR Tier II, DMR Tier III and analog FM radio systems together with voice dispatch and AVL capabilities. The upgrade will improve the services provided by fire, ambulance and public protection services.

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