Finmeccanica is featured in the top ten "Best Employer of Choice 2016" ranking

Mauro Moretti's newly unified company moves up thirteen places since last year

Finmeccanica ranked ninth among employers preferred by young graduates

Rome  03 February 2016 11:10

  • Finmeccanica ranked ninth among employers preferred by young graduates
  • The Group’s best performance since the first survey in 2002
  • Finmeccanica has implemented many initiatives to attract young talent, including the Youth Innovation Award, employment meetings and career days, as well as career guidance activities
  • Mauro Moretti, “We have been successful in changing the perception of the group and young people are rewarding us for it.”


Finmeccanica is a great place to work for young people fresh out of university. This is according to the Cesop Communication observatory's “Best Employer of Choice 2016” ranking, which analyses a sample of 2,500 young graduates rating around 100 national and multinational companies, ranking the most sought after employers.


The Group made it into the top ten, having moved up thirteen places since 2015; it now ranks ninth, its highest place since 2002 when the survey first began.


Finmeccanica is one of the companies most valued by young graduates thanks to the many activities undertaken by the Group to identify and attract new talent, such as the Finmeccanica Innovation Award, which last year included university students and graduates, employment meetings and career days for young people, a great network of relationships and exchanges with major universities and multiple career guidance initiatives.


Mauro Moretti, Finmeccanica CEO and General Manager said: “Young people are rewarding us because we have succeeded in changing the perception of the group. Starting in 2015, Finmeccanica set out on a path of transformation that is paying off. The new Finmeccanica, a unified company, has become an international, dynamic and cohesive business, a solid high-tech company which appeals strongly to young people. Commitment to innovation is one of the hallmarks of the Group and one of the main points of competitive advantage for a company. Recognising, attracting and developing talent is essential to operating in a global context; young people’s ideas, expertise and passion are key to the growth and consolidation of the Group. The results achieved so far are not our final goal; they only point us in the right direction, showing that we are able to attract talent and ensure their growth within the Group, rewarding merit and professionalism at all levels”. Mr Moretti concluded by saying that, “Our goal is for Finmeccanica and young people to grow even closer so they can get to know better a leading national technology company”.

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