Leonardo and Abu Dhabi Aviation sign contracts for five helicopters

Dubai  18 November 2019 12:07

  • Contracts include three AW139s and two AW169s with deliveries in 2020 joining 16 AW139s already in service 
  • The signing marks the first order for the AW169 by Abu Dhabi Aviation 
  • Over 200 AW169s ordered by customers worldwide to dat

Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA), the largest commercial helicopter operator in MENA and Leonardo announced today, during an official ceremony at the Dubai Air Show, the signing of contracts for 5 helicopters including three intermediate AW139s and two light-intermediate AW169s. The aircrafts are scheduled for delivery in 2020. The agreement, which represents ADA’s first order for the AW169 helicopters, will expand ADA’s fleet of Leonardo helicopters which already incorporates 16 intermediate AW139 helicopters, primarily supporting the oil and gas industry. These latest orders are part of an agreement for 15 helicopters including the AW139/AW169/AW189 types announced at the end of 2015. 

Like the AW139s, also the AW169s will benefit from the support solutions provided locally by AgustaWestland Aviation Services LLC, an Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) and Leonardo joint venture delivering thorough support and maintenance services in the region. Operating both the AW139 and AW169 ADA will also add to the range of customers worldwide who are benefitting from the unique advantages of the AW Family of new generation helicopter models. 

Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo CEO, said: “We’re honoured our long established leading partner Abu Dhabi Aviation has now decided to add the AW169 to their fleet, confirming their trust in our technology to provide a major contribution to their future success.”  

“This agreement has come to support the oil and gas industry inside and outside the UAE and to satisfy the transport, air-ambulance and other needs. It is in line with the Company’s strategy to expand its fleet of new generation aircraft in order to meet its customers’ needs, in light of the expected high demand in 2020" said H.E. Nader Ahmed Al Hammadi, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Aviation.

Information on the AW169 Helicopter
The new generation twin-engine light multi-role helicopter, the 4.8 ton AW169, has been designed in response to the growing market demand for an aircraft that delivers high performance, meets all the latest safety standards and has multi-role capabilities. Its high performance and state-of-the-art technology make it just the best choice for operations in high temperature conditions both onshore and offshore. AW169 has become the best-selling helicopter in its class for a wide range of operations including air transport, air ambulance and VVIP transport. Over 200 AW169s have been ordered by customers worldwide to date. 


Overview of Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA)
Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) is a national shareholding company and the largest commercial helicopter operator in MENA region, established in 1976. The company owns a fleet of 55 aircrafts, including 51 helicopters and 4 fixed-wing aircrafts. ADA also operates aircrafts for various entities. ADA has won multiple international aviation awards. It has completed 1,000,000 safe flying hours. 

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