Leonardo: Financial Calendar 2020

Rome  16 December 2019 18:31

Leonardo informs that the annual calendar of corporate events for the year 2020 is as follows:


-    Thursday 12 March – Board of Directors: Draft Annual Report for 2019
-    Thursday 7 May – Board of Directors: Results for the First Quarter 2020

-    From Wednesday 6 to Wednesday 20 May – Shareholders’ Meeting*
-    Thursday 30 July – Board of Directors: First Half Report 2020
-    Thursday 5 November – Board of Directors: Results for the Nine Months 2020 

* Ex- date, if any: June 2020    

The conference calls/meetings to present the results to the Financial Community will usually take place the same day or the day after the approval by the Board of Directors.
Any amendment to this calendar will be timely announced.


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