Day 2

Second day at the Farnborough International Airshow

FIA’s Space Day 2016, which focused on missions, programmes and commercial agreements in the Space sector, saw  Leonardo-Finmeccanica as a protagonist. 


The Company today signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop the system that will allow Europe to analyse the Moon’s subsoil for the first time. Specifically, Leonardo will be engaged for two years in the design, implementation and testing of the PROSPECT prototype, a key European contribution to the Luna-Resurs mission. The result of a partnership between ESA and Roscosmos (the Russian Space Agency) with the fundamental support of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the UK Space Agency, the Luna-Resurs mission should land a probe of approximately one tonne on the Moon in 2021, to search for water and raw materials that might be used for building a future permanent base.


"This contract, which follows our provision of similar systems for the Rosetta and ExoMars missions, reinforces our global leadership in Space drilling and sampling equipment. These are cutting-edge instruments that fully express the ingenuity that Leonardo, our new name, stands for," said Mauro Moretti, Leonardo’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. 


"Our Space technologies,” Moretti added, “allow us to explore the Universe on board spacecraft such as Rosetta, Juno, JUICE and Cassini, monitor the environment through the Copernicus programme, study gravitational waves with the LISA Pathfinder and supply services that benefit all via the Galileo constellation. We are aboard the ExoMars mission searching for traces of life on Mars and we are eager to take this opportunity to explore the secrets of the Moon.”



On Farnborough’s second day,  there were once again many visits by international delegations. In particular, Mauro Moretti welcomed the Italian Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti, who  was able to admire the cutting-edge solutions for Aerospace, Defence, and Security presented by Leonardo-Finmeccanica at the Pavilion and the static area.  Furthermore, the top management welcomed international delegations, including, just to cite a few, Canada, Malaysia, and the Republic of Korea, and other important institutional officials, among which the President of the Defence Commission of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies Francesco Saverio Garofani, and the Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy at NATO Minister Plenipotentiary Massimo Ambrosetti.


Today, as well, there were numerous announcements from the Airshow. Leonardo-Finmeccanica, partnered with Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS) as “Team Skytale,” has been chosen as preferred bidder by the UK Ministry of Defence to upgrade the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems on more than 400 operational platforms, spanning land, air and sea.


Work by Leonardo-Finmeccanica is underway on a new Technology Demonstrator Programme (TDP) with the UK Ministry of Defence regarding the Eurofighter Typhoon’s IFF system. Within the IFF systems field, Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s technology was selected  by Japan’s Ministry of Defense to provide radar operators with the ability to distinguish between allied forces and potential threats.