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12 October 2021

An innovation ecosystem designed for start-ups, universities, spin-offs and research organisations that responds to Leonardo’s continuous need to find new solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Solvers Wanted, a scouting platform designed to stimulate the research and innovation process through specific initiatives and events related to the Leonardo’s Open Innovation strategy, is now online on the company website.

Solvers Wanted kicks off with the first call4solutions: starting with a “Map of Needs” identified by the company from which the so-called “Technology and Innovation Needs” were selected. These guided the definition of three challenges, in turn, divided into two categories: Accelerate”, dedicated to the world of future technologies, and Boost Leonardo Solutions” to support product development activities. The first of the three challenges (“Pilot Performance Monitoring”) requires the design of a solution capable of monitoring the pilot’s psycho-physical health status (e.g. stress, fatigue, attention level) and representing it in real time through a single parameter (e.g. workload). The second challenge (“MDE - Monocular Depth Estimation”) is to develop a software module to be used on Embedded Systems in Air, Land and Marine Robotics scenarios, by using a single low-performance monocular camera (and potentially low grade imagery), to estimate the depth of a scene. “Quantum Technologies: Innovative Solutions for Imaging and Computing”, the third challenge, is focused, in turn, on identifying sophisticated techniques for the management of quantum states of single photons and electrons, and for the realisation of macroscopic effects of typically quantum phenomena (i.e. entanglement), in two scenarios in sensors and quantum computing domain.

Winners will have the chance to join the next “Leonardo team for innovation” network by adding their logo to the network brand and will be awarded a contract with Leonardo to implement their respective solutions.

You can send project proposals from today. Access Solvers Wanted and participate!

The submissions deadline is 19 November 2021.

The three best solutions will be presented during a Pitch and Demo Day, which culminates with the announcement of the winner.

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