Safe@Work: solutions for a smooth return

27 May 2020

How should the post-Covid phase be designed to ensure everybody exercises the appropriate judgement and caution in compliance with national and regional regulations for the protection of citizens and workers?

In addressing this, Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division has created the Safe@Work web platform, which can help companies move forward during this uncertain phase of "new normal", by digitising a series of operations in a structured way, reporting relevant data, and planning and carrying out health test phases.

The application supports the planning, management and monitoring of access to corporate buildings; it is interoperable with thermal scanning tools like Safe@Gate for monitoring the body temperature of staff and other visitors, in order to help comply with safety standards. It also has an integrated analysis tools to facilitate rapid and effective decision-making.

Safe@Work is easily implementable and features high levels of security, scalability and resilience, designed with an integrated approach in order to protect workers’ health and manage their gradual return to the physical workplace.

The key to effectively managing the resumption of activities – while respecting the health of workers and other stakeholders – will be to dynamically manage employee data, cross-check related information against the spread of the infection (for example with physical access information), and create appropriate structures, protocols and procedures. In all these cases, Safe@Work can be an effective solution.

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