Leonardo at the “Restart Italia” Forum PA

30 October 2020

Leonardo continues to pursue the commitment to digitization and security in the modern Public Administration by participating in the PA Restart Italia Forum.

Changing Public Administration means changing the Country, implementing a new innovation policy capable of guaranteeing the necessary change of pace in the digitalisation of Public Administration (PA) and the Italian production ecosystem, while also promoting sustainable, ethical and inclusive development, has become a crucial requirement, and one that will be addressed during the 2020 ‘Restart Italia’ Forum PA, from 2-6 November.

The event’s aim has always been to foster collaboration between companies, the world of research, civil society and public administrations, in order to promote innovation across Italy and improve the quality of life for companies and citizens.

This year, the conference will be held online focusing on three macro-themes:

  • The digital renewal of PA for a Smart Nation, capable of facilitating the transition to a green economy.
  • The strengthening of the National Health System, with digitalisation of procedures and a better coverage in the territory, consequently.
  • Innovation as a driver to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth in the south of Italy.

The current health circumstances further highlight the need for the advancement of the complex digital transformation of the PA. This is an objective that cannot be postponed anymore, affecting issues such as online services for citizens and companies, the cloud and public data, digital infrastructures, and interoperability and security.

Leonardo will be the official sponsor of the event and partner of Roma Capitale on the issues of human centricity and sustainability for citizen wellbeing, aspects that are increasingly linked to the digitalisation of solutions and services

On 6 November, Fabio Renzi, Head of PA, Defense and International Agencies of Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division, will speak virtually at a round table entitled, ‘Digital transformation as the architrave of the recovery strategy’, where the Minister for Technological Innovation, Paola Pisano, is expected to attend. Mr Profeta will present the vision, solutions and ideas that Leonardo wants to be at the forefront of the Italian PA in this essential process.

Danilo Bianco, from Leonardo’s Public Administration, Defence and International Agencies team, will participate instead on November 3 in the ‘human and green’ Rome Capital meeting: from participatory governance to sustainable development, focussing on the theme of the modern Smart Nation, which Leonardo is already involved in.

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