Leonardo takes part in “The Green and the Blue Festival”

24 September 2020

“The Green and the Blue Festival: good ideas for the future of the planet” is to be held in Milan, at the Biblioteca degli Alberi, from 25-27 September 2020. During the live event, leading figures from civil society, from the worlds of culture, science and business, and from the institutions, will discuss the future of the planet, taking their cue from the ideas developed by the philosopher Luciano Floridi in his latest book “The Green and the Blue”.

The three-day event invites us to reflect on the world we want, addressing numerous topics that affect every aspect of our daily life: work, health, relationships, consumption, home, services, mobility. And all in light of the changes generated by the health emergency and seen from the viewpoint of two cornerstones: sustainability and digital technologies.

Drawing on its commitment in these areas, Leonardo will be contributing two talks to the Festival:



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