Leonardo at the Salone Orientamenti: the journey continues

25 January 2021

Leonardo, through its Cyber Security Division, will once again be engaging with the next generation of innovators and cyber specialists by participating in Salone Orientamenti.

The event is the largest virtual exhibition in Italy dedicated to training and providing professional guidance for young people taking their first steps into the world of work. The event takes place from 26-28 January and is a continuation of last November's event.  

Young people can register for Leonardo’s activities during the digital exhibition, and contact our industry experts to find out more about the topics of innovation, technology, industry and future trends, as they consider different professions and employment opportunities.

Attendees will also be able to have a direct exchange with our HR Manager of the Cyber Security Division for the Genoa site to better understand the company culture and benefits, and discover how a professional future in Leonardo could be the ideal environment in which to develop their talent, pursue their careers and cultivate their passions.

Engaging with young people is essential for Leonardo, which has continuous innovation and sustainability among its core values. We strongly believe that Salone Orientamenti will be the perfect place to accomplish this goal.


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For more information: cyberandsecurity@leonardocompany.com

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