Leonardo at the Genoa's CSET 2020

14 September 2020

On 16-17 September, Leonardo will participate as Gold Sponsor at the Cyber Security for Energy & Transport infrastructure 2020 (CSET 2020) in Genoa.

CSET is promoted by Start 4.0, the Competence Centre for the application of new technologies to the security sector, particularly in the field of transport, energy and water infrastructures. Start 4.0 is a public-private partnership that involves numerous realities of the Ligurian economic-entrepreneurial environment focused on cyber security, safety and security issues.

The international conference will focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cyber-Physical Security (or CyPhy), a new frontier of Global Security in which Leonardo is already active.

CSET will welcome invited delegates in person, and will be broadcast live via YouTube and Zoom, as a result of the health precautions required by the ongoing pandemic.

Aldo Sebastiani, SVP Cyber Security & Digital Competence Centre, will present Leonardo's Italian national and European approach to cyber security and digital and technological sovereignty, while Fabio Cocurullo, Head of Grants, Collaborations and Prototypes, will participate in the round table discussion about validating the security of critical infrastructures, including 5G networks.

 To follow the event: https://www.csetconference.com/contacts/

For more information: cyberandsecurity@leonardocompany.com



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