Genova Sicura, the platform for reducing hydrogeological risk and safeguarding citizens

03 May 2021

As completion of the Genova Sicura (GESICU) research project approaches (having been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic), it is time to take stock and verify its achievements.

The project, which is part of the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme, saw Leonardo coordinating the Temporary Joint Venture made up of small and medium-sized enterprises who are members of Italy’s Ligurian region SOSIA (System of Systems and Intelligent AutomationResearch Center. There has also been collaboration with the DITEN, DIBRIS and DICCA departments of the University of Genoa and the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the CNR.

Initiated in autumn 2018, the Genova Sicura project has given life to the prototype construction of the Security Centre, a platform capable of supporting the safety and security of people in the city environment – not only addressing man-made security threats, but also extreme environmental dangers. The platform integrates specialised systems and technologies, providing advanced services to support environmental monitoring and managing resilience of the municipal or region.

In addition to the technological objectives, an important strategic-decisional result was achieved by developing a system to deliver useful and timely situational awareness, along with decision support data. The platform provides a timely and centralised tool for managing early warning in risk situations, supporting decisions and executing safety procedures, communicating with the population through simple information channels such as loudspeakers to deliver emergency messages.

In terms of positive impacts on the region, the project represents a step towards the construction of a governance model of urban security for the Public Administrations, during a time of growing insecurity felt by the local community. Furthermore, the Genova Sicura project introduces a risk control system for the region for potential extreme weather events. For the project partners, it also represents an opportunity for collaboration in the development of innovative security solutions, as well as a tool for increasing the competitiveness of Ligurian companies for the Italian market.

Finally, for Leonardo, the project contributes to the development of the new generation of command and control systems under development to provide a complete and innovative response to the governance and security needs of Italy’s urban centres. It also strengthens the company's association with high innovation value projects for the Ligurian region.

Genova Sicura is part of the project development of the X-2030 platform, which allows information from diverse sources to be integrated into a single synthesis framework. This represents one of the technological goals of the strategic plan "Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030" which will guide all Leonardo research and development activity throughout this decade.

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