En route to the future: Leonardo at the Salone Orientamenti 2020

09 November 2020

Salone Orientamenti 2020, the largest virtual youth training and professional guidance event in Italy, will take place between 10 to 12 November 2020, to provide advice and information to help middle school and high school students make choices that will affect their professional future.

The socio-economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, have meant that the need to help young people enter the world of work has become an even more pressing, from both a socio-economic and an ethical point of view.

The huge shift in digitalisation, which has been necessary to adapt to the current health crisis, has allowed the creation of a very different format when compared with previous editions and, in some ways it has made the content more interactive and engaging.

The virtual platform created for the event provides a variety of immersive experiences at 360° and in virtual reality, and exploit gamification logic. The platform will remain active until mid-2021 and will be accessible from all over Italy.

The event is organized by the Ligurian Agency for Students and Orientation (ALISEO) which has selected ‘change’ as its theme: knowing how to change. In a period of great transformations such as the current one, it is even more essential to develop greater interpersonal soft skills, knowing how to adapt to a new context by showing resilience.

Leonardo, a reference point on the theme of technological innovation and always attentive to people, the true engine of innovation, will have a virtual stand on the platform, providing useful information on future trends in terms of new professions related to the themes of technology and industry.

Young people will be able to register for the events scheduled by Leonardo Cyber Security to gain a better understanding of what Cyber Space is, its potential and its dangers. But we will also discuss IT security and its increasing importance, along with best practices to be adopted to protect and safeguard personal data.

Students will also be able to get in touch with our industry experts and our Head of Human Resources for the Genoa site of the Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division. In this way they will be able to have a direct exchange with which to better understand the company reality, and the possibility of discovering how a professional future in Leonardo can be a way to better express their talent by cultivating their passions.

Getting in touch with young people, to know them and be known, is essential for a company like Leonardo, which has continuous innovation and sustainability among its founding values. We strongly believe that the Salone Orientamenti 2020 will be the perfect place to accomplish this goal.

Join the event: http://www.saloneorientamenti.it/landing

For more information: cyberandsecurity@leonardocompany.com


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