Cyber Threats Snapshot: the new report on attacks on enabling infrastructures for agile work

13 October 2020

The latest Cyber Threats Snapshot report, produced by Leonardo's Security Operation Center (SOC) covering June – August 2020, highlights a growing number of cyber-attacks against small, medium and large organisations who have fallen victim to numerous ransomware distribution campaigns. The report also found that after months of inactivity, banking trojans have returned to spread.

A look at how cyber threats evolved in the months following lockdown
The Cyber Threats Snapshot highlights how Covid-19 themed cyber-attacks have decreased compared to the first few months of 2020. However, the theme remains heavily exploited by some categories of malicious cyber threat actors who seek to profit from stealing critical data relating to vaccine development. The extension of the attack surface, due to the extensive use of smartworking, continues to be a dynamic carefully managed.

What’s new about ransomware?  
The report also warns of the increasing emergence of the ‘double ransom’ technique whereby malicious actors carry out a sophisticated ransomware attack in two phases: first they exfiltrate the data and then they encrypt it.  This technique enables the attacker to demand a ransom payment for the release of the data, and then an additional payment for the non-disclosure.

And in Italy?
Various hacktivism activities have seen a sharp rise in Italy, with the main targets being government institutions, health companies and universities engaged in collecting personal and sensitive data of citizens, and which, according to the hacktivists, are not managed appropriately.

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