Cyber Attacks Review: we protect pharmaceutical companies

25 May 2020

In its fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization has drawn up a list of the 76 projects currently underway for the development of a vaccine. On the one hand, this should provide a clearer picture of the situation and a more efficient exchange of information. However, on the other hand, it potentially exposes these companies to greater media profile, which could consequently attract the wrong type of interest, from state-sponsored or for-profit individuals and groups of cyber attackers.

This is exactly what happened to an important pharmaceutical company, recently hit by a ransomware attack. The pharmaceutical sector, which is often a target for those conducting malicious computer activities, is at heightened risk during the pandemic, arising from the focused interest of hackers and collectives. 

It is a situation that must be comprehensively evaluated and addressed. This issue is precisely the focus of the first issue of Leonardo’s Cyber Attacks Review.

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