Covid-19: Leonardo's report on cybernetic threats

16 April 2020

Along with the recent publication of Leonardo’s twelve guidelines for corporate IT security and the five best practices to keep employees safe when working from home, Leonardo is taking a further step to help companies and organisations to better protect their IT infrastructure during this period of increased risk with the publication of its ''Covid-19 & Cybernetic threat analysis” report.

The report presents the analysis, carried out by Leonardo's Security Operation Centre (SOC), of the evolution of cyber threats resulting from the spread of Covid-19.

The SOC, thanks to its real time monitoring, threat intelligence and incident response activities, has unfortunately detected several malicious campaigns from both to individual hackers and to more organised groups, containing references to Covid-19 carried out using various tactics and different types of malware.

The report presents the relationship between the spread of the infection and the growth of cyber-attack and provides an in-depth analysis of the ongoing malicious campaigns, the main actors involved and Leonardo's forecasts on the evolution of this scenario. The aim of the report is to help companies, institutions and organisations, including health care organisations, to acquire greater awareness of the situation in order to improve their security.

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