Aruba and Leonardo: collaborating for Cyber Secure Cloud

29 January 2021

Aruba and Leonardo, leading providers of cloud and cyber security services, are integrating their products, services and skills to become Italy’s new national reference point for the secure digitisation of Public Administrations, Critical Infrastructures and National Cybernetics, Industries and Defence.

Why are Aruba and Leonardo joining forces in this partnership?
Through this partnership, Aruba and Leonardo bring Italy a new national level of excellence in the implementation of cloud solutions integrated with cyber security services to meet the high demands on reliability, performance and security.

The collective experiences and multi-disciplinary skills that the two companies offer public and private customers will deliver effective responses to address the specific needs of cloud adoption, data protection and digital resilience, as well as meeting organisations’ tailored project needs.

What is the importance of the joint offer?
Italian and European guidelines require all public administrations and governmental bodies to adopt cloud-based platforms that comply with safety regulations and data sovereignty requirements. With cloud infrastructures delivering scalability, interoperability, efficiency, continuity of service and cost reduction, the collaboration between Aruba and Leonardo focuses on providing customers with a comprehensive approach to secure cloud solutions.


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