Announcing the winners of the Leonardo-UniGE Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

30 March 2021

On Wednesday 31 March, the Leonardo-UniGE Cybersecurity Scholarship Program awards ceremony, promoted by the Genoese university and by Leonardo, will be held in the lecture hall of the University of Genoa. The ceremony will be introduced by the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci with speeches from the Rector of the University of Genoa, Federico Delfino, along with the Managing Director of Leonardo's Cyber Security Division, Tommaso Profeta.

The eight finalists who have successfully completed all the stages of the programme will be awarded and the four best performers students will be chosen to receive also a scholarship.
The physical event will take place in strict compliance with Covid-19 health protocols. To avoid gatherings, the event will not be open to the general public, who will instead be able to follow the live broadcasts on YouTube channels and Facebook starting at 11:00.

The award ceremony is the conclusion of an advanced cyber security training course which began in December 2020 and involved University of Genoa students of degrees in the Information sector (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering). The Program completes the educational offering of the Degree Programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering for the academic year 2020-2021 with practical activities aimed at providing students with the necessary operational skills - learned with engaging methods inspired by gaming - to defend modern digital infrastructures from ever growing and evolving cyber threats. The eight finalists had the opportunity to try their hand at Leonardo's Cyber Range, a test and simulation platform that allows the execution of attack and defence exercises in an environment that reproduces complex cyber-physical systems with total realism.

The Leonardo-UniGE Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, together with the other initiatives for the training of young people put in place by Leonardo's Cyber Security Division, is a shining example of Leonardo’s real commitment to developing a strong culture of safety and in training of young talents, recognizing human resources as an '' asset '' of fundamental importance.

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