Take part in the AIRtificial Intelligence contest!

Leonardo and the Italian Air Force launched a challenge for start-ups, universities and developers to identify solutions that, using Artificial Intelligence, improve maintenance and training activities in the Air Force context.

01 August 2019

Are you a start-up, developer or researcher? We’re looking for you! 

Sign up for the AIRtificial Intelligence contest  and participate in the first hackathon on Artificial Intelligence issues in the aeronautical sector.In order to respond to the numerous requests we have received, we specify that the areas of research and development include, for example:

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Advanced Simulation Systems
  • Artificial Vision, tracking and path recognition/analysis

AIRtificial Intelligence is an exceptional opportunity to build an ecosystem where knowledge, skills and talent of start-ups in the Artificial Intelligence field (Neural Networks & Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Semantic Web & NLP) come together and team up with universities, industry, organisations as well as with the Air Force.

On the 11th and 12th December 2019, all entrants who have passed the selection stage will take part in the two-day marathon hosted in the prestigious headquarters of the Istituto di Scienze Militari Aeronautiche in Florence, Italy. Competing teams will develop and present demonstrators for the solutions designed in response to the Hackathon “Challenge”. The event will conclude with the election of the winning team and the runner-up.

Participants will be supported by Leonardo and Air Force experts to better understand the operating context, technical and organisational aspects, as well as any constraints that characterise the systems, maintenance procedures and aeronautical training.

A jury of experts will select the two best solutions. The winning team will receive a cash prize of €3,500, while the runner-up will receive the sum of €1,500 in recognition of its work and commitment.

AIRtificial Intelligence is the second hackathon staged in Italy focusing on military aeronautical logistics after "Airathon" in 2018. 

The final marathon will be preceded by a virtual preparatory event (online), that will be held on the 7th of November, at the end of which participants will be selected for the challenge on the 11th and 12th December. This preparatory event will be an on line "Challenge" where participants will be evaluated for their solution and will therefore be selected for the final event. Soon after the registrations are over, Oracle - the prestigious technological partner of the event - will fully support you with quick self-training materials, with start tutorials and hands-on-lab.

Oracle will also provide self-trial on OCI, that each challenger will be able to autonomously activate and the demo environment Knowledge Advanced for your self-training. To access the Technology Platform in support to the Hackathon challenge consult  Oracle Cloud and get ready for the competition!Further instructions for the challenge will be provided soon after the registrations are closed.

For more details about the Challenge, consult the "Challenge" document.

You can also contact us directly through the email address airtificialintelligence2019@leonardocompany.com. Our experts will be available to accompany you in the next steps until the final challenge on 11 and 12 December.

In addition, on our portal Leonardo Training Academy, an area dedicated to AIRtificial Intelligence has been set up in which we have uploaded all the documentation that can be used to develop use cases and prepare for the preparatory event (online) on 7 November.

Write to us and we will send you the credentials to access this dedicated area.

To take part in the contest, fill out the form, read the data protection notice and sign the waiver for the use of images.

Both documents must then be sent to: airtificialintelligence2019@leonardocompany.com

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