Accelerate: it's time to make a difference

Leonardo accelerates towards the future with a new leadership model.

19 July 2019

In a globalised and highly competitive world, a company must be quick to adapt to change and must also adjust its leadership model. Looking to the future and the next challenges,  Leonardo launched Accelerate, a transnational training and development programme to share and disseminate our values and the  distinctive skills of our company.

What are the key words of the Leonardo Leadership model? Integrity: meaning  intellectual honesty and transparency, Trust,  in our colleagues and stakeholders, Feedback, learning through evaluation and sharing and, finally, Teamwork, working together to better achieve objectives.

Using a  blended, multidisciplinary and multi-channel teaching methodology the Accelerate training course gives the participants the opportunity to hone their managerial skills and improve their ability to achieve their goals.

Accelerate has highlighted the importance of each and everyone’s contribution to fostering a culture built on skills and participation.

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