Leonardo in the Far East
Air, land and sea defence and security

On 2 December, Leonardo launched its virtual stand dedicated to the Far East, where visitors can move around independently and learn about Leonardo's air, land and sea defence and security capabilities.

This, the fourth and final stand of the year, completes a tour touching on some of the regions in which we have been actively present for many years now, collaborating with industries, governments and public institutions. In 2020, we travelled - albeit virtually - to Europe, the Middle East and South America, where we revealed Leonardo's vast range of solutions, products and services.

Once again, guests of the virtual stand are able to move independently within a synthetic environment and visit the different areas of the exhibition, where Leonardo's areas of expertise will be presented through films, images, 3D models and technical data sheets.

The exhibition also includes a series of webinars offering insights into aeronautics and C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Air Systems).

Virtual stand

Calendar of webinars and registration