Military Systems for Border, Territory & Maritime Control

The protection of homeland territory requires the capability to secure borders from both land and sea. With a consolidated breadth of expertise in the defence and civil domains, we have developed a range of modular solutions to ensure effective and reliable surveillance and security of national borders.


Leonardo has fielded a number of turn-key architectures providing effective monitoring and control of national borders and territories, both on the land and on the sea. Our solutions for Border, Territory & Maritime Control enable net-centric operations for border guards, patrol units, special forces, and all those components of the armed forces that conduct the protection of the national borders and the homeland territory. With a consolidated breadth of expertise in the defence domain, we have developed a range of modular solutions to ensure effective and reliable security and  control operations at every stage of the lifecycle.
All of our products exploit state-of-the-art technologies in the field of surveillance and C4I for enhancing operational efficiency of the assigned forces. Such result guarantees real-time or near-real-time sharing of tactical information between platforms and command posts, together with the provision of advanced solutions for increasing automation and effectiveness for all commanders at the different operational levels. Advanced “virtual fences” are also implemented by placing sensor surveillance along the borders, integrated with mobile surveillance systems and unmanned aircrafts.
On both land and sea, we deliver system of systems based on  open and modular architectures. Our solutions may evolve over the years in terms of both operational functions and coverage (by adding assets or replacing existing equipment), to ensure capability growth aligned with emerging needs. 


Our solutions are based on a field-proven suite of in-house developed sensors, communications, platforms and command & control applications which guarantee territory sensing, access control, as well as the dynamic allocation of available resources. Our offer is organised in two main domains, i.e. Integrated Systems for Border & Territory Control and Integrated Systems for Maritime & Coastal Surveillance.

The first domain of applications (Border & Territory Control) typically integrates specialized sensors such as Ground Surveillance and Passive Radars (Aulos), short to long range Thermal Imaging cameras and day/night multi sensor systems (Janus, Horizon, Nerio, Observer), Acoustic systems (HALO, Hydra), and solutions for Mobile Situational Awareness, Fire Control,  and Blue Force Tracking.

For the second domain of applications (Maritime & Coastal Surveillance) Leonardo has developed an Integrated Interagency Surveillance System which constitutes an innovative command and control solution aimed at collecting, fusing and analyzing data from multiple sources. The system builds and share a comprehensive operational picture with different agencies and organizations such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Environment, Intelligence and others. This type of systems also exploits long range coastal radars with Over The Horizon capabilities (Argos-30VS).

For both land and maritime applications, the communications network to enable the net-centric operations exploits of H,V and UHF as well SATCOM in military and civil bands: in particular, tactical Radio Relays for the deployable segment and SATCOM-on-the-MOVE, different type of Software-Defined and conventional Radios for the mobile segment, and Military-Grade Networking devices. Dedicated C4I systems and infrastructures support operations for both land and maritime domains. Our SW provide support across a wide range of functions, and for all areas of applications we create true mission-focused  solutions that are tailored to the diverse requirements of our customer base.


Leonardo has been involved in many initiatives for the development of large Border, Territory and Maritime Control systems. Leonardo has prime responsibility for design, installation and integration of all the subsystems on behalf of the Customer. Our list of key references includes the following:

  • Integrated & Interagency Maritime Surveillance System and Integrated Network of Coastal Surveillance Radars for Italian Navy.
  • Turn-Key Contract for National Border Security And Control System in North Africa.
  • Unattended distributed ground surveillance systems for Canadian Border Control Authorities and Thailand’s Northern Border Security.


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