C4I Solutions

Managing complex military operations in the modern world

Collect and share data and information more efficiently and safely, a faster and more effective mission planning and execution, requires seamless command and control solutions. We have a recognised role as system leader for Armed Forces transformation, and have developed a complete family of C4I solutions for the digital battlefield. 

Our C4I solutions provide battle management support across a wide range of functions. They create, disseminate and display the common operational picture and report the battlefield situation in real-time.

For all applications, mission-focused C4I solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer, and are compliant with the strictest NATO standards..  Mastering all ISTAR technologies, from optronics to secure communications and radar as well as cyber protection, we are uniquely positioned to develop networked digital solutions.

Dedicated configurations of our strategic C4I solution have been implemented for Joint, National & Regional applications, as well as for supporting multinational activities and coalition operations. 


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