Air Defence

Armed forces face emerging threat scenarios and the need to exercise increased security with reduced manpower and with improved response times. This scenario demands easily deployable, high-performance radars and C2 to support a range of challenging missions with high levels of reliability.

Leonardo offers an integrated, system-of-systems solution for the full detect-to-engage spectrum of threats, or to complement existing assets, responding to threat diversity with a multi-layer defence system.

Our air defence systems can leverage a number of proprietary key sub-systems and components, long range radar, multimission AESA radar, command and control centres, fully integrated, interoperable and secure communications networks, and electronic warfare suites. We also seamlessly integrate with existing assets.

The Fixed Air Defence radar (FADR) RAT31 DL and the Deployable version (DADR) RAT31 DL/M he RAT comply with the most challenging operational requirements, and are extensively used around the world. They support decision-making with accurate, responsive and complete solutions. 

With the KRONOS family of latest generation multimission AESA radar operated by smart remote KRONOS Control Centres we can deliver unprecedented benefits. They perform effectively, simultaneously, and with fewer resources, multiple critical missions, ranging from airspace control to ground-based air defence, protection of forces and critical assets, and air traffic control.