Leonardo Innovation Award 2017 Edition

Leonardo Innovation Award 2017

The Innovation Award Ceremony

The prestigious Museum of Science and Technology of Milan hosted the 13th edition of the Innovation Award, which opened with the official inauguration of the Mathematics i.lab at the Museum, created in partnership with Leonardo, to support and promote STEM activities..
The inauguration was followed by a panel discussion dedicated to “Innovation by Numbers”, moderated by Corriere della Sera journalist Nicola Saldutti,  and which featured leading experts from the academic, research and business worlds, including the Rector of the Polytechnic of Milan Ferruccio Resta, the mathematician Alfio Quarteroni, the General Director of the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan Fiorenzo Galli and the Chief Technology Officer of Leonardo Luciano Marcocci

November 20th was a special day, dedicated entirely to innovation, which celebrated the 2017 edition winners of the Innovation Award for young people and of the Innovation Award for employees, recognised by the President of the Lombardy Regional government Roberto Maroni, the Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Profumo and the Chairman Gianni De Gennaro.
For more information, read the Innovation Award press release and the Mathematics i.lab press release.


2017 Winners

Leonardo Innovation Award for  university students, recent graduates and Ph.D. students
  • First Prize students/recent graduates: Gionathan Desogus (UniCagliari) - Application of micro-SORS technology (Raman spectroscopy evolution) to cultural heritage. 
  • Second Prize students/recent graduates: Claudio Stigliano (UniRoma - La Sapienza) - EXALIBE (Basis of a display capable of interacting with a smartphone thanks to thermochromic coating).
  • Third Prize students/recent graduates: Gabriele Riccardi (UniRoma - La Sapienza) - Quantum sensor for rotation speed measurement, via phase shift from rotational Doppler effect.
  • First Prize Ph.D. students: Giulia Savoja (Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria) - Testing of laminas in composite material reinforced with vegetable fibers for the construction sector.
  • Second Prize Ph.D. students: Iolanda Borzì, Antonino Galletta (UniMessina) - An innovative methodology for monitoring and forecasting use of the Fire Weather Index (FWI) for forest fire protection through integrated satellite data processing algorithm and site-specific real-time detections.
  • Third Prize Ph.D. students: Fabio Bazzucchi (PoliTo) – mAPPage, monitoring APP for building heritage risk assessment. 
Leonardo Innovation Award for employees
  • Incremental Innovation category: Giacomo Bacchiega (Helicopter Division) - Unloader relief thermal valve, two stage protection (URTV).  
  • Radical Innovation category: Luigi Pisu teamed with Massimo Avalle and Gianni Iagulli (Aircraft Division) – Velograf.  
  • Idea category: Massimo Bertacca teamed with Marco Signorini (Defence Systems Divison) - PattErn Recognition SystEm for Underwater targetS (PERSEUS). 
  • Best Patent: Tony Kinghorn teamed with Robert Longmuir Sinclair (Airborne & Space Systems Division)  - Radar Surveillance Systems.



The Innovation Award

The Innovation Award was created as a way to internally foster innovation, valorising the creative power of our employees, the ability to leverage our skills, and the desire to push further and promote continuous technological advancement. Over 25,000 employees throughout the years have contributed to valorising this Award, submitting more than 9,000 innovative projects and patent proposals. The Awards are divided into three categories: Incremental Innovation, for projects which improve upon existing products; Radical Innovation, for projects aiming at creating new products or new opportunities in new markets for existing products and the Idea category, relating to projects that do not have an immediate impact on business, but have a competitive advantage for the future. In addition there is also the Award for Best Patent.

Since 2015, Leonardo has extended the Innovation Award to university students, recent graduates and Ph.D. students from STEM faculties (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) across Italy’s universities, calling upon them to tackle the technological challenges of the future and, in particular, this year, three areas of research identified within the business: image intelligence, quantum technologies for sensors, and innovative technologies and solutions for the protection of cultural heritage. At stake are not only monetary prizes, but also the chance to intern within the Group, an opportunity to get  to know Leonardo’s technological heart from up close and meet the people who contribute daily to the continuous development of our products.