Systems Engineering

As a provider of multidisciplinary and technologically advanced complex platforms and systems in the aeronautical, land, space and underwater fields, Leonardo has developed, in addition to specific technological expertise, an extensive and thorough knowledge of Systems Engineering.

Beginning with customer and market needs and requirements, this process can govern the overall design in terms of architecture, hardware/software components and internal/external interfaces, focusing on cutting-edge tools and methodologies that allow the development of highly reliable products that are flexible, easy to use and to integrate with other existing systems.

The key elements adopted by Leonardo are acquired from the procedural model ‘Model-Based Systems Engineering’, which starts by identifying the needs of the customer and goes on to the validation and commissioning steps, as well as the ‘Architectural Framework’ and ‘SysML’(Systems Modelling Language) used to define the architecture and to manage complexity during the various stages of design, implementation, maintenance and evolution of the system.

Leonardo is a committed investor in product performance prediction methodologies and processes. This begins at the concept stage and continues into the next stage of development of analysis and simulation skills and tools: EMC, aeroelasticity, structural analysis, thermal behaviour analysis, electrical loads, virtual mock-ups, virtual iron bird solutions, aircraft simulators, operating scenario simulations to name a few.

The leadership role of Leonardo in the development of advanced and multifunctional architecture and structural solutions allows for the integration of structural capabilities and systems (acoustic, thermal, electromagnetic, self-repairing and self-sensing, for example), and this maximises the benefits of using new materials in terms of weight reduction, production costs and assembly. These benefits are also achieved thanks to the development of proprietary production processes that enable the technological leadership of Leonardo in its given sectors.