Leonardo develops components and systems based on the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum conventionally known as ’optical’, a spectrum that ranges from far infrared to ultraviolet including IR (Infrared) vision systems, fibre optic sensors, DIRCM (Directional Infrared Counter Measures) systems protection, processing of microwave signals on optical carrier, hyperspectral sensors and power lasers for DEW (Directed-energy Weapons).

This technological expertise grows vertically from the study of basic materials and their processing (eg: materials for focal plan array sensors used in infrared vision systems), through sub-systems (eg: lasers, thermal cameras, optics) to electro-optical devices and their integration into systems and platforms.

Leonardo's extensive technology portfolio supports the development of complex active and passive optronic systems used for surveillance (Hyperspectral and IR imaging systems) from land, air and space platforms, and also for the active protection of these through the DIRCM system. Optical technology is also crucial in the development of subsystems embedded in some of the main products, such as radars, where the distribution and processing of microwave signals in antennas on optical carrier is one of the technologies that enables the new multifunctional AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Antenna) radar systems.