Leonardo wants to master and control, all the way down to the smallest detail, the development of the systems and of the technologies that represent out “core” products, from design all the way through to production. The mechanical systems are planned, built and tested in such a way as to ensure the highest quality from the moment the first line is plotted as well as every step thereafter. For example, in the case of the transmissions of helicopters and Tiltrotors, this ranges from base materials and related processes (for example, Aluminium-Magnesium alloy castings and composite material processes) to surface treatments, precision mechanical processing, and then final tests on special workbenches.

The processing quality of each individual component part, combined with our wealth of intellectual property, allows ensuring reliability and safety for the pilots and all the operators of ground and aircraft vehicles developed by Leonardo’s Divisions. High-performance and low weight metal alloys for hubs, and latest generation fibre glass, carbon and resins for blades and primary and secondary aerostructures - these are the materials that allow equipping our helicopters with rotors which are at the forefront of technology as well as advanced aerostructures for our aircrafts, maximising efficiency and minimising noise and vibration in the process.

Leonardo also develops advanced mechanical equipment for land defence systems, where the mechanics face technological challenges arising from extreme operating conditions, as in the case of ballistic protections developed for the occupants of ground vehicles, and guided munitions with their associated systems.