Technological culture based on the knowledge of materials and their use, both past and future, is the basis of many of the Leonardo product chains.

Leonardo's technical competences range from the processing of basic materials to the design of the most advanced applications in various fields: terrestrial and space platforms, aerostructures, electromagnetism applied to microwave systems (radar) and low infrared (IR) and radar observability. Materials for ballistic protection of ground vehicles are developed and integrated into our tracked and wheeled platforms.

In addition to the composite material (consisting of epoxy matrix reinforced with carbon fibre), that contributes significantly to the quality and value of our aeronautical products, we look at new materials and the development of multifunctional solutions.

Our developments in Carbon based nanomaterials, and in Graphene nanotubes, allow Leonardo to make thin layers and structures capable of reducing platform observability both in terms of thermal image and radar radiation reflection. We use meta-materials for the miniaturisation of microwave components and the management of the radiation emitted by radar and communications antennas.