ICT and Cyber Security

Leonardo has always been involved in communications, networking, cyber security and cyber intelligence. It is a leader in communications systems and technologies for professional and military applications. Its professional systems, which are based on state-of-the-art technologies,have evolved into solutions that are integrated with IP networking and the heterogeneous use of radio access networks, used in a flexible and scalable manner. The integration of sensors and the use of techniques, such as the Multipath Transmission Control Protocol , drive the evolution of our systems toward the Internet of Things and, more generally, the 5G.

In the military arena, the heterogeneous platform for tactical networks, and its applications including in marine-based TETRA+LTE, is complemented by portable and on-board SDR (SW Defined Radio) terminals with the most advanced waveforms already available as well as the new ones under development. In avionics the Leonardo's technologies are applied to Data Links and integrated solutions, such as the Data Link Management System. In addition, Galileo PRS-based navigation and location receivers are being developed, both leading technologies owned by Leonardo.

In this context, Leonardo works for the security of communications (with traditional encryption machines and their evolution towards multilevel security and Information Exchange Gateways) as well as for the security of the perimeter and elements of the networks and the information they contain. Cyber Security is a cornerstone of Leonardo solutions in military terms (where our excellence has been recognised with the award of the NCIRC contract for the security of all NATO locations), the professional field (banks, civil protection) and the management of public services. Our Cyber Security and Cyber Protection solutions are also provided remotely, using parallel algorithms based on artificial intelligence and expert teams working 24 hours a day.

The continually evolving nature of cyber threats is countered by the continuous development of defensive techniques through new technologies, including Cyber Intelligence. By using advanced technologies such as Big Data, Fog/Cloud computing and virtual environments, search algorithms and semantic analysis, and exploiting the huge computational capacity of our Supercomputer, it is possible to investigate what goes on both on indexed websites and on the Deep and Dark Webs, in order to foresee any possible attacks.