Our Technologies
Microelectronics for advanced radar sensors, unmanned surveillance and environmental monitoring activities, advanced and innovative materials, software and systems competencies to manufacture products and come up with complex solutions; these are just some of the areas Leonardo works on every day to improve and enhance its technological assets, looking to the future with dual use applications in aerospace and electronics for defence and security.

Leonardo’s excellence is based on its continual development of key technologies. This is how it improves the competitiveness not only of its existing products, but also of its future portfolio, as it keeps a constant and watchful eye on product innovation.

The driving force behind Leonardo’s sustainability and growth in this arena is its approach to innovation, and the way in which it supports the research of both technologies and skill sets as applied to its products. In this way, it is able to maintain its leadership position in the field of technology.

Leonardo invests mainly in technologies identified as strategic, that allow the Group to foresee market demands, customer expectations and increase its industrial efficiency.

Through careful focus on technology, the Group aims constantly to strengthen Process Innovation, the technological innovation intended to improve design, development and production and that allows the development of new skills, functionality and increased performance; and Product Innovation, which focuses on the development of individual component, systems, platforms or services.

Leonardo is thus able to select “core” technologies for its business: technologies that must be protected and improved because they represent a distinguishing feature of their products and “new and future” technologies to be monitored or in which to invest, fundamental tools for confirming a competitive position.