A marathon of ideas for Leonardo

Innovathon is a marathon of ideas organised using the hackathon format, an Open Innovation event designed by Leonardo to stimulate the outside world through technological challenges designed to contribute to our innovation process, promote and implement creative solutions and glean inspiration for new products and services. 

Innovathon represents:

  • an ideal environment to trigger innovative ideas;
  • a way to test team working attitude under pressure;
  • a lever to discover new talents.


Innovathon for the 2019 Innovation Award


In the 2019 edition of the Leonardo's Innovation Award the prizes dedicated to students were awarded to the winners of an Innovathon that took place at the Talent Garden in Rome on 16 and 17 November.


The key numbers of this edition

Who is innovathon for

University students and graduates (since January 2018 ) in STEM disciplines, with at least one of the following skills:

  • Python or C++ coding skills
  • basic knowledge of electronics
  • knowledge of Deep Learning frameworks
  • maker approach

You can participate to Innovathon either as an individual or as a team (maximum of 4 members). 
The organisers may, at their discretion, add individual participants in a team based on the skills and information presented during the application stage.


The challenge

Develop a solution to support operations in emergency during a two-day non-stop marathon.

During Innovathon, participants are asked to:

  • use their skills to develop solutions for rescuers when responding to an emergency call;
  • design and develop a working prototype for monitoring areas in critical conditions;
  • demonstrate creativity, ability to adapt, problem solving and teamwork skills and common sense in developing the winning project.

At a later stage all the details about technologies, technical and business requirements are  provided to allow the business game solution.


Why take part


The Prizes

The top 3 classified teams are  invited to the final awards ceremony organized by Leonardo for the 2019 Innovation Award.

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