Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess

Funded by the European Union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research and implemented by the European Defence Agency, the OCEAN2020 initiative has the main aim to demonstrate enhanced situational awareness in a maritime environment through integration of technologies for unmanned systems, CMS, naval communications and maritime operation centres.

The OCEAN2020 team is coordinated by Leonardo and involves 43 partners from 15 European countries. It pulls together technical specialists in the maritime domain from many different disciplines, as well as thee coordination and expertise on Maritime Defence of End Users involved as full partners. 

The OCEAN2020 Consortium will address the problems of integrating EU systems and individual organisations into a coherent framework. These activities will culminate in two live demonstrations in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas contributing to the EU’s ability to lead innovation in support of Europe’s strategic autonomy in the maritime domain.

The first Sea demonstration took place in the Gulf of Taranto on the 20th and 21st of November 2019, involving a total of five naval units from Italy, Spain, Greece and France and nine  unmanned assets, with AWHERO and SW-4 Solo provided by Leonardo. The deployment of manned and unmanned systems, when integrated with satellite and communication networks, aimed to enhance overall maritime situational awareness and build a comprehensive picture of developing situations for military decision-makers.