Polaris World

POLARIS is an initiative launched by Leonardo’s Chief Technology & Innovation Office (CTIO), which promotes innovation within the company, the sharing of know-how and the transfer of knowledge, skills and excellence. It is particularly focused on new ideas, technologies and ways to develop innovative products, solutions and services.

The three main editorial initiatives of POLARIS are the POLARIS Innovation Journal, POLARIS Lunchtime Seminars and POLARIS Paperbacks.

The POLARIS Innovation Journal is a quarterly internal publication, which collects and publishes scientific and technical papers on technologies and on the progress and results of technological developments in Leonardo. The Journal publishes articles and technical reports on R&D activities undertaken in-house or in partnership with research centres and universities.

POLARIS Lunchtime Seminars are short, informative presentations that bring to life Leonardo’s products and technologies as well as insights from external partners. They are led by subject matter experts who go ‘under the skin’ of a product, system, or emerging technology that is of interest to Leonardo or might be in the future. The lunchtime seminars take place twice a month and last about 30 minutes, with all Leonardo employees welcome to attend.

The POLARIS Paperbacks, issued annually, are dedicated to an in-depth examination of themes on the progress of the world of innovation outside Leonardo. The Paperbacks may be dedicated to a single technology of interest for the Company, or to the examination of several themes or innovations that are emerging in the technological field.

See the list of some of the publications produced since 2012 by Leonardo researchers, engineers and technicians within the Polaris initiative.