Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies are becoming increasingly widespread with multiple applications across the aeronautics, space and defence domains. Research in this area focus on two programmes to consolidate Leonardo’s position in advanced electronics and sensing, and to generate new proprietary technologies. Work also investigate the potential of quantum computing. In particular, this research area:

  • Examine new solutions for quantum fibre-optic links in the ground segment of quantum communications infrastructure
  • Study and research new solutions for quantum free space links in the space segment of a future quantum communications infrastructure
  • Investigate the field of quantum imaging that dramatically improves object detection in challenging conditions such as turbulence, noisy environments, or where obstacles are present
  • Assess possible quantum computing applications using real or simulated quantum computers
  • Research the application of quantum computers in training and execution of neural networks (quantum machine learning).

The Leonardo Labs, which develop skills transversal to the company’s business areas in the field of quantum technologies, are: Quantum Technologies, Applied Artificial Intelligence, HPC\Cloud\Big Data Technologies