High Performance Computing /Cloud

This area of research supports Leonardo’s innovation process and the adoption of cutting-edge digital technologies which run on High Performance Computing (HPC). Special focus is placed on participation in European projects and consortia such as GAIA-X and EuroHPC. In particular, this research area:

  • Deploy and run third-party or proprietary applications used to design Leonardo products
  • Optimise the applications to maximise the exploitation of HPC
  • Support code modernisation and porting of proprietary applications
  • Work on deployment of Big Data and AI tools and frameworks
  • Work on optimisation, support, and collaboration for scaling up Big Data frameworks and AI training
  • Support the optimisation of the hyperparameters of neural networks
  • Support the creation of data lakes – locations to store data at scale
  • Collaborate in numerical modelling and software engineering of new applications
  • Contribute to training and dissemination activities on HPC and Big Data
  • Implement a company/customer cloud solution to adopt IaaS, PaaS and SaaS paradigms. 

The Leonardo Labs, which develop skills transversal to the company’s business areas in the field of High Performance Computing/Cloud, are: Future Rotorcraft Technologies, Future Aircraft Technologies, Materials Technologies, Space Technologies, Future Electronics & Sensing, Quantum Technologies, Applied Artificial Intelligence, HPC\Cloud\Big Data Technologies, Intelligent Autonomous System, Future Security & Safety Technologies.