One of the most complex challenges facing the aerospace sector is the future electrification of flight. Developing innovative propulsion systems for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters is essential to meet the decarbonisation requirements of the new European Green Deal. This technology is also fundamental for the next-generation manned and unmanned platforms that provide new air mobility services. In particular, this research area:

  • Perform an exploratory phase dedicated to analysing and assessing the most viable hybrid architectures and platforms through large European consortia or major international collaborations with industrial partners
  • Design and test the selected architectures
  • Integrate technology into a real-world demonstrator
  • Perform concept studies of future hybrid regional civil aircraft (in the 50-seat class)
  • Perform a study of different power sources such as batteries and fuel cells in collaboration with leading power storage companies and energy management schemes.

The Leonardo Labs, which develop skills transversal to the company’s business areas in the field of electrification, are: Future Rotorcraft Technologies and Future Aircraft Technologies.